All of our shipments are washed according to the R&D process, so that there is no difference of shrinage in this production.


We have 10 embroidery machine with a total of 100+ heads. They are capable to produce any delicate embroidery with very good quality.


We have semi-automatic and manual machinery for layering. We can cut 300,000 pcs per month.


Our stitching has all the latest high tech machinery which helps us to produce much faster and clearer productions. We can produce 200,000 pcs per month.

Digital Printing

We have our own digital printing unit which makes our printing sampling and production much faster and with better quality.


We run a very systematic line system which helps us get the best result in the fastest way. We can get pack 250,000 pcs per month

The difference between style and fashion is quality -Giorgio Armani